Friday, December 6, 2013

Training Tips for German Shepherd Puppies

1. Play with your puppy: You will want a puppy that is good-natured and not afraid. You absolutely cannot start training a German shepherd with fear or instructions. This will be just begging for disaster. Give him time to understand and adapt the new surroundings.

All German shepherd dogs are trainable and they are very powerful and strong animals. If you initiate with a puppy, you have the chance to mold and shape its personality and develop that trusting relationship. Some training tips to follow with a German Shepherd Puppy:-

2. One master for your dog: Only one person only should give the commands and instruction, in spite of how many people are in your family or will be living with the dog. German Shepherds in particular, will recognize one master and will respond to that one person.

3. Feed your dog before training: German shepherd Dogs respond to foodstuff as a reward before the training as well as after the training. If you instruct a dog to sit and reward him with a treat, he will learn it, however, you will need to emphasize this many times. These Dogs appear to memorize and counter better to training after he has been given food.

4. Spend no more than 20 minutes per training session: Younger pups attention extent is short; they get tired soon; your tolerance will give up trying to train an over exhausted puppy. Training has to be positive and joyful in order to get the utmost response from the dog.